Sunday, September 26, 2010

CMHS Homecoming 2010

Caddo Mills High School Homecoming 2010
Meagan cheered at her first High School Homecoming Game. She did awesome and her Daddy and I were so proud of her. It was so great to sit in the stands and watch her on the sidelines cheering on the Foxes!!
She reminds me so much of me at that age.

Macie had to have a jersey to cheer on her favorite Fox, Dakota. She wears it so proudly. She is his biggest fan!

My beautiful girls. A mama could not be more proud.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Playing in Photoshop

Donnie and I have been playing in Photoshop all day. We had fun today and learned some new things!! It is amazing what all Photoshop can do!

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July and Dance Recital

This 4th of July we didn't get to have our big cookout and swimming, etc since Macie wasn't quite ready for all that activity after her surgery. So we went with the Monroe's to Fish Camp and then over to David's aunt's to pop a few fireworks. The girls had alot of fun with sparklers.

Macie had her dance recital with Studio A at the end of May and she did AWESOME. She rocked it on stage in her adorable costumes. We were so proud of her. We didn't think she was going to take next year since she is doing competetive cheer, but after the awesome performace she gave her sister said she is NOT quiting. We are going to try and fit it in!! The first 2 pictures are from her hip hop dance and the last 2 are her jazz dance.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Field Day 2010

Here are a few pictures from field day. It was so much fun getting to watch Macie participate in all of her events this year. I don't usually get to do that since I have to stay with my class, but since she was in the same grade with me we got to spend the whole day together. I loved it!!

She taught my baby and I taught hers. What a joy that was this year!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Halloween and Macie's Birthday

Here are a few more better late than never posts. The first few are Trick-or Treating with one of our favorite little friends. Macie and Aubrey always have a blast together. Macie loves being the "big sis" for a change!

Hey where's my candy?
The cutest ladybug and cat EVER!!!
Happy 8th Birthday Macie Anne!!

For her Birthday she was treated to a day at American Girl. She picked out her first doll. She loved it!!

After lots of contemplating she found the one she wanted, Julie. (I think she chose it because her character is from the year mommy was born).

And then we had to take her to the Doll Salon and have her ears pierced of course!

Instead of a big party she chose to take a couple of friends out to eat and then to Build a Bear. The girls had a blast!!

Sweet Friends!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Much Needed Update

Well, I am ashamed at how long it has been since I have updated this blog, but all I can say is now I will try and do better. I will be adding new posts every few days to catch up.
I am starting with what consumes most of our time and that is CHEER! We all love it (yes, even Donnie). The first pictures are of Meagan at the CMMS vs. Lone Oak game. She was an 8th grade cheerleader this year and had a blast cheering on the Foxes. She is looking forward to cheering for JV next year (don't worry I won't wait so long to post those).

Cheering on her Bis Sis!!
These last few pictures are Meagan's competitive cheer team. This was their first competition at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. We all had a blast. She LOVES competitive cheer. Little Sis Macie is also going to be on a team for the 2010 season. She is VERY excited. (the pictures are out of order)

We got a special performance from the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

Proud Lil Sis!

Meagan on the infamous big screen. She is basing on the stunt on the right. See her long blonde ponytail?

Macie got to meet and get some autographs from some of the DCC.

Cheer Buds!

The make-up! I am just wondering how I am going to keep Macie still enough to get it all on her.